Maritime One is an End-To-End Solution for Maritime Industry based on SAP Business One
A fully integrated solution that connects all divisions in the organization to internal and external decision makers and partners anytime, anywhere
Achieve the highest Transparency, Accuracy and Security Levels

Financials, Maritime Accounting, Budgeting & Controlling

Without an integrated and automated financials management solution, increased business complexity can overwhelm your existing financial and accounting processes, giving rise to inefficiencies and inaccuracies that can lead to missed opportunities and lost revenue.
Maritime One solution based on SAP Business One is a full finance and accounting software optimized for the specific needs of the shipping industry.
Combining the rich features needed when handling shipping transactions, including support for multi-company and multi-currency transactions. Financial Management is delivered in an interface that means you can process transactions measurably more quickly, meaning you can make better use of your cash position.

Operations & Vessel Monitoring

Maritime One Operations module is a solution specially designed for the operation department on-board and ashore. The operations module stores all vessels of the fleet and focuses on vessel tracking, vessel performance, voyage management, port of call monitoring and others. Maritime Operations offers many capabilities that optimize and facilitate the vessel management using a diverse range of modules:

  • Rest Hours
  • Vessel Performance & Monitoring
  • Proforma and Final DAs
  • Bunkers Management
  • Vessels
  • Ports of Call
  • Voyages
  • Voyage Legs

Planned Maintenance & CMMS

Maritime One CMMS module is the ultimate enterprise-level solution aiming for the consistency, standardization and revise the maintenance process. Maritime CMMS provides comprehensive functionalities involving areas of the operation such as:

  • Streamlined Maintenance Control.
  • Inventory and Purchasing Integration.
  • Seafarers Management.
  • Efficient and Robust Reporting.

Maritime CMMS focuses on seafarer’s responsibilities to prevent deficiencies, breakdowns and outdated maintenance jobs, during vessel operation, increasing the level of confidence of the operation departments ashore and on-board and optimizing the seaworthiness of the ship

Crew & Crew Documents Management, Rest Hours

Maritime One has established a Crew Management solution in order to register, keep and track every single information concerning each crew member including Contracts, Sea Services, Evaluations, Illness/Accident, Crew Outgoing Payments, Crew Air Tickets, Drills/Trainings and Crew Documents. The Crew Management Module provides an efficient way of tracking seafarer information while saving time by gathering all data in a centralized database providing your organization with many benefits:


  • Document monitoring prevents documents from becoming outdated.
  • States the missing documents of crew members that are not yet registered into the system.
  • Assures that the board is in comply with international conventions for future inspections.
  • Controls crew members availability on board.
  • Provides a complete view and control of rest hours setting the working hours limitation according to regulations.

Master General Accounts

Maritime One is designed to facilitate the financial department of a shipping company to automatically check Master’s General Accounts (MGA), optimizing the processes monthly and extra allotments, validates pay-slips received from the Master. Handle the multiple collective and individual crew agreements. Triggers the automatic calculation of wages and records of crew ledgers. Calculates all types of payments and expenses on-board and updates the accounting system with relevant journal entries. Reports for various statistics and monthly payments registration are included. The MGA module benefits your business, adding many functionalities that make the day to day operations easier and faster:

  • MGA posting automatically informs each crew member’s balance updating his current financial status.
  • Provides automatic calculation of MGA items consumed by the crew with the average cost of vessel inventory, directly affecting the quantities in stock.
  • MGA stores key information for each seafarer, such as details of contract per service and transactions during the MGA period.
  • Produce an analytical Overview per category (e.g. Extras, Other Deductions, Master’s Payments, Bonded Stores).

Procurement, Supply Management &Inventory Control

Maritime One Procurement Management module allows the shipping company and the vessels to streamline entire purchasing process by effectively managing the entire procurement process.
Supports purchasing planning, vendor, voyage and port selection, purchase requisition, purchase order and supplier relationships management, in order to work rapidly and surely based on a holistic view.
Maritime One benefits your organization by providing a range of procurement management solutions:

  • Helps in making more effective purchasing decisions, by identifying opportunities to save money and managing supplier relationships better.
  • Provides full transparency through centralized data into purchasing activities, voyages, suppliers and their performance.
  • Offers full visibility of the purchasing process with up-to-the-minute data.
  • Uses document trails to capture and link every document created during a specific purchasing process for audit and analytical purposes.

Chartering & Freight Collection, Sea Trade Management

Maritime One Chartering module provides the most comprehensive solution to manage the activities of a chartering department or a charterer including freight or hire chartering, monitoring all related financial transactions and estimating the final outcome.Enables maritime companies to make more confident and proactive decisions, streamline daily operations, and increase the profitability by providing fast access to real-time information.
The Chartering solution consists of:

  • Charter Party with Charterer
  • Charter Party with Shipowner

offering the benefit of having an end to end robust functionality covering all aspects of chartering management.

Safety and Quality

Maritime One Safety and Quality Management solution is tailored for the special needs of maritime industry. Helps to reduce the administrative burden of relevant shipping industry regulations, such as ISM/ISPS, SOLAS, TMSA, classification rules, vetting and Port State Control inspections. At the same time, it supports designated crew members and DPAs regarding compliance with international rules and regulations. An integrated safety and quality information system, giving the shipping company the benefits of a unified platform providing:

  • Enhanced view of historical Inspections, Audits, ISM documents’ revisions based on multiple criteria.
  • Certificate libraries based on international maritime legislation.
  • Displays the current status of all certifications, preventing outdated audits or inspections.
  • Full integration with Crew Management and CMMS system.
  • Sends email, alerts and notifications about upcoming due dates of important documents.

Vessel Synchronization

Maritime One Synchronization module is a deployed comprehensive solution, consolidating into a powerful integrated system all aspects of the daily operations needed to manage efficiently a fleet of vessels and linking seamlessly both office and vessel into a unified environment with fully automatic data transfer and database synchronization.
The Synchronization module provides great benefits both to the vessel crew and ashore stuff:

  • Provides Crew Members the ability to browse through their daily tasks offline.
  • Synchronizes all kind of attachments and operation critical documents.
  • Allows instant access to data at shore as well as on vessel minimizing the time needed to create, update and view information.
  • Uses combination of technologies to ensure that all necessary data are synchronized regardless of the available technology on a vessel.
  • Speeds up operations by providing the ability to edit on shore the data that were created on the vessel reducing miscommunication errors between office stuff and vessel crew members.

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